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"It can't be that simple..."


In September 2003, 2 Bubbas, BigBilly Saxon and Brother Jesse Alldredge, had a revelation from the Holy Spirit that the striving and straining associated with the modern day Christian experience was not from God.

A revelation that many modern day church's have departed from the ministry of reconciliation - motivated by greed and a lust for power, control, and popularity - they have turned to a ministry of marketing, manipulation, and guilt,  and are promoting Church instead of sharing the Gospel of God, and have done so at the expense of the very souls they claim to be interested in saving.

That revelation led to the development of 2BubbasAndTheBible, a worldwide ministry whose simple  message of hope and eternal Glory with God through a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is made available, like God's salvation, to ALL, FREE for the asking.

Our mission is simple, To take the simplicity of the Truth of God's Word to the whole world.

We encourage you to read our materials and listen to our Bible Studies as the Holy Spirit teaches us what we desperately need to learn,[Valid RSS] that indeed, "It is that simple!"